Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Famosa Fort

Have you heard about this historical place before? Some of you might be, I guess. Well, this place that so called A Famosa is located at a historical city in Malacca, Malaysia. It was a fort built by Portuguese after they had defeated Malacca Sultanate  in 1511. A Portuguese fleet arrived under a command of Alfonso de Albuquerque had attacked and defeated the armies of the Malacca Sultanate. Moving quickly to consolidate its gain, he had the fortress built around the a natural hill near the sea.

A Famosa Fort have 4 towers in which the width of its wall between 2.4 metres to 4.5 metres. Those towers were known as Baluarte San Pedro, Baluerte de las Virgenes, Baluerte Madre de Dios, Baluerte Santo Domingo and Baluerte de Santiago.

In 1583, Malacca had become a city protected by 70 cannons facing to all sides. Nevertheless, in the 17th century, the Fort failed to stop Dutch.

A Famosa scouted the city all that staunchly. It helped the Portuguese to fend off all forms of attack. To invade Malacca, the Dutch troops beseige the city for five months, while the trapped residents were forced to eat cats, rats, and in a fairly out a woman takes her baby is dead. Finally, on January 14, 1641, the Dutch stormed through the door Santo Domingo Gate, which before that time had over 7,000 casualties, due to famine, disease and fire.The attack by Dutch were supported by Malays and local people were finally turned the Fort fell to the hands of Dutch.

      The excessive damage of A Famosa in combat has been repaired while the Porta de Santiago which was the main door was replaced with logo of the Dutch East Indies. After charming the city, the Netherlands repair and modify custom, and put their weapons over the gate which was still preserved until today. At present, the Porta de Santiago, the only Gate that remains in good condition, with engraving "Anno 1670".

The Engrave Still Remains in Good Condition

Inside the A Famosa Fortress

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