Thursday, October 29, 2015

Old Palace & Houses of Terengganu at Pura Tanjung Sabtu

Not only rich in its natural beauty, but it also keep an array of histories that had ripped a variety of questions that play in our minds. The most obvious history that we could see is about the existence of the Terengganu Inscription Stone (locally called as Batu Bersurat Terengganu) found in Kuala Berang, Terengganu that had answered most of the questions related to the usage of Jawi writings in Malaysia. 

Besides of the Terengganu Inscription Stone (i.e. Batu Bersurat), another historical which have yet to be explored by the younger generations now are Pura Tanjong Sabtu. Pura Tanjong Sabtu is approximately 14 km from the city of Terengganu. Pura Tanjong Sabtu is a complex that places a number of houses and traditional Malay Palace of Terengganu. It was understood that the houses and the Palace were erected almost 100 years to 200 years ago.

The Pura Balai or Reception Hall of Rumah Seberang Baruh

The old houses were taken from the Kampung Atas Tol, Kampung Seberang Baruh, Kampung Sungai Rengas and Kampung Nesan Empat. While the Palace was taken from Kampung Dalam Kota (behind the Maziah’s Palace). These houses have been rebuilted in 1992 and have been overhauled as homestays in 1995.  Pura Tanjong Sabtu got its name as a result of a combination of the sanskrit words ' Pura ' which means palaces, temples or city and ' Tanjung Sabtu ' was a village’s name was built by the nobles palace . The explanation went on as " Pura Tanjung Sabtu, a complex of centuries-old Terengganu Malay timber houses reassembled , restored and preserved in the style of a princely palace of 18th century Terengganu. It is a private residence of Tengku Ismail bin Tengku Su, which is now open to paying guests who would like to experience the courtly living of Terengganu's past.

If you visit to Pura Tanjong Sabtu, you'll see the uniqueness and the fineness of Malay traditional architecture in the manufacture of houses a long time ago. Houses were built with full use of the wood and were built approximately 3 m from the ground so as to prevent their houses from flooding and wild animals.
These houses were built without the use of nails but using the pegs. Even though the nails were not being used, these houses are still standing strong until today. The traditional houses with airy veranda. The grounds are for different purpose. The two houses are attached to each other where you can walk from veranda to veranda. The roofs are unique in design. This has proved that the old society here had the creativity in the field of carpentry. 

Pura Tanjung Sabtu (Google Map View)

If you are in Terengganu, Tanjung Pura Sabtu is a must place to visit in which it helps you to understand the history of art of the Malay heritage. Experience overnight Homestay Pura Tanjong Sabtu, which gives the concept of the beautiful village atmosphere and it will be fascinating.

Note: Pura Tanjung Sabtu “Nominated For Aga Khan Award For Architecture 2007”

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