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Royal Town of Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia

Istana Pantai (Palace of Pantai)

• The first and the oldest Palace in the town.

• Built in the year 1826. 

Palace of Pantai

• At present, the palace was no longer exists. 

• The location of the palace was near to the mosque of Sultan Abdullah in which the place is currently used as a burial site. 

• Demolished during the construction of the mosque of Sultan Abdullah.

Istana Seri Terentang (Palace of Seri Terentang)

• Is the third oldest Palace in the town. 

• Built in 1904 and completed in 1908. 

Palace of Seri Terentang

• The name of the Palace was taken from a name of a tree locally called as ‘Terentang’ since the Palace area was surrounded by ‘Terentang’ trees. 

• The design of the palace was from Tengku Mahmud’s mind himself. 

• Have been demolished but there are still some relics exist which were surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Istana Leban Tunggal (Palace of Leban Tunggal)

• Built in 1935. 

• Given the name as Leban Tunggal because the area just had been grown up by a single ‘Leban’ tree only. 

• The palace was made of a mixture of stone and wood and it was a two storeys building with two domes in its right and left. 

Palace of Leban Tunggal

• Its wonderful architecture still remains to today.

• Now it serves as the District Town Library.

Istana Permai (Palace of Permai)

• Built in the 1930s during the reign of Sultan Abu Bakar. 

• Built to replace the Palace of Seri Terentang who had been demolished.

• According to the oral stories, its design much looks alike the British High Commission Building in Kuala Lumpur. 

• Currently, the Palace of Permai has been used as the official stay of Acting Sultan of Pahang while in Pekan.

Istana Saadah (Palace of Saadah)

• Built in 1938 by Dato ' Sang Melewar (Dato ' Mangku Kuning). 

• It was a residence of Cik Siti Nah which was one of the maid of Sultan Abu Bakar. 

• Located at Kampung Masjid. 

• Became the administration centre of the State during the reign of Sultan Abu Bakar. 

• Its architectures are still remaining unchanged until today. 

• Now it becomes the Perch Palace after the death of Cik Siti Nah in 1984.

Istana Kota Beram (Palace of Kota Beram)

• Located in historic sites. 

• It was not known when the construction began. 

• Currently left as the British Resident building. 

• In 1929, this two-sided wooden house has been replaced with a two-sided brick houses. 

• In 1948, it was taken over by Sultan Abu Bakar as to replace the Palace of Seri Terentang as his official Palace. 

• Sultan Abu Bakar gave the name of the palace as Palace of Kota Beram. 

• In 1954, the Government had built an additional building connected to this Palace and forth being converted as Balai Rong Seri. 

• Serve as a meeting place and royal events until 1959. 

• Now the Palace of Kota Beram have been converted into a Museum as proposed by the Government and his Majesty's Royal Highness Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Musta'in Billah ibni Almarhum Sultan Abu Bakar Riayatuddin Al-Muadzam Shah, DK, SIMP., DMN, DK (Silver), DK (Johor), DK (Kelantan), SPCM, SPMJ, Sultan of Pahang Ruler King officiated its opening on Saturday 21 October 1976 which equals to 27 Syawal 1396.

Istana Abu Bakar (Palace of Abu Bakar)

• Built in 1965 and completed in 1974. 

• Given the name in conjunction with the name of the late king of Pahang,  Al-Marhum Sultan Abu Bakar. 

• It was built to replace the Palace of Permai. 

• Its position near to the palace site of Palace of Seri Terentang. 

• Its modern design architecture was designed by the Chinese architects. 

Palace of Abu Bakar

• Now the Palace of Abu Bakar is still being used the official palace of stay of Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Sultan of Pahang.

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